Abandoman at Liverpool’s Epstein Theatre: A show too funny to miss

Posted on 28 September 2017
By Ellie Gregory
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Irish hip-hop comedy legends, Abandoman, brought their sell-out Edinburgh Fringe show to Liverpool’s Epstein Theatre yesterday and made a night to remember.

Known for being the house band on Alan Carr’s Happy Hour TV show, the dynamic duo drew in a diverse crowd of students, teachers and accountants who all shared a love for pure comedy.

Speaking to rapper Rob Broderick ahead of their performance last night, he explained how the show merges theatre, comedy and music together.

Rob said: “Every lyric is based on chats with the audience.  We ask them questions about their lives, loves and hates, and create tracks based on these answers.

“It’s essentially a fictional biopic, set in Ireland in the 90’s and the people in the crowd are referred to as though they were there on this journey with us. It’s a silly construct but allows the audience to be a bit sillier as they can place themselves in our backstory if they wish to.”

It was a night of incredible interaction and impressive improvisation.

Rob took the Liverpudlian crowd on a slapstick journey on Abandoman’s ‘musical history’ in Ireland, and picked on some of his ‘past time friends’ in the seats below him, whilst his pal, Sam, mixed music on a keyboard and kit.

Rob was obviously a stranger to the crowd, but when he picked on someone to include in the story, it was incredible how he rapped the names and lives of the individual into a personal yet comedic song.

One lucky (or not so lucky) audience member, Frank, was glorified throughout the performance as he told Rob he was a Religious Studies teacher.

Well, by the end of the show, Frank was made to dress up in a black and golden suit, accompanied by a matching cape and made to go up on stage to perform with Rob and Sam.

Some of the crowd took to social media last night and are already begging Abandoman to come back to Liverpool and tickle the crowds with their unique show.

Watching Abandoman live will never be the same twice, so if you have the chance to see them, go! It is definitely worth it—five stars!