What are the Injuries that Can Occur at Big Box Stores?

Posted on 12 January 2022
By Carlton Whitfield
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Everyone loves a sale, but most people don’t realize that it is possible to be injured while doing everyday shopping. Injuries are relatively common at big box stores, though most of them are relatively minor.

Unfortunately, it is possible to be seriously injured while shopping. When this does happen, personal injury lawyers can help the injured person gain the compensation needed to recover from the incident.

Slip and Fall Accidents

The most common way for someone to be injured is through a slip and fall accident. If there is a spill and it’s not market off or cleaned up fast enough, someone pushing a shopping cart may not see it and may end up falling. These falls can lead to broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, and other severe injuries.

Falls can also happen if someone trips over a damaged part of the flooring, a product on the floor, cords going through the aisles, or a rug that isn’t flat. Those injured can visit daveabels.com
to learn more about the help that is available.

Falling Products

Shelves in big box stores tend to be high, and some will even store excess products on the highest shelves so they’re organized and ready to go on the shelves. Unfortunately, boxes can fall if they’re not properly placed on the shelves or if someone bumps into the shelves. Falling products can hit someone in the head and, if the box is heavy, can cause serious injuries as a result.

Injury From Shopping Carts

While a bump from a shopping cart usually isn’t enough to cause serious injuries, there have been children in carts that were injured or killed while shopping with their parents. Children can fall out of the cart or be injured in the working parts of the cart. There are ways to prevent injuries to children in shopping carts, such as making sure they’re always seated and that the cart is sturdy.

Assault in Parking Lot

When leaving the big box store at night, try to stay in well-lit areas while walking to the car. It is possible to be attacked while walking to the vehicle or at the vehicle, typically as part of a robbery plan. If there is poor or no lighting in the parking lot, or if there is no security to help keep patrons safe while going into or leaving the store, it’s possible the store is liable for any injuries as a result of an assault.

Trampling and Related Injuries

During the biggest promotions, there have been instances where someone trying to enter a big box store or while shopping was trampled. This can also happen if there is an emergency, like a fire, and everyone is trying to leave the store quickly. If it is necessary to shop on the busiest days of the year, pay attention to the surroundings and know what to do if anything happens to stay as safe as possible.

Most people don’t expect to be injured while they’re shopping, but it does happen. When someone is injured at a big box store, they may be owed compensation. A personal injury lawyer can help with all of the examples of injuries here as well as any others that can happen while shopping. Talk to a lawyer about your situation today to see if you could receive compensation.