Nooks and Crannies – Liverpool’s top three alternative bars

Posted on 28 February 2015
By Christopher Simon
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In celebration of Global Scouse Day we should take the time to reflect upon the greatness of our city’s culture.

It is culture which has evolved yet stayed traditional regardless of each new generation. It is a culture of creative’s who have dominated the world (Beatles). A culture of success both on and off the field (Football ). A culture which never stops giving.

Purple Revolver has recently been looking for these hidden gems of Liverpool and sometimes accidentally stumbled upon great venues with sociability and class.

One of our favourites is of course the mysterious prohibition bar Berry & Rye on Berry Street whose exterior is painted black and unadvertised. This notorious yet shrouded Whisky & Gin bar boasts exclusive service, aesthetic and sublime cocktails which are made fresh at the bar.

A Southern Sour costs just under a flid (Scouse Slang for ten pound) and tingles the taste buds till you can’t pick up a Budweiser without disgust. The music screams class with timeless blues from Muddy Water, Otis Redding and Bo Diddley which really compliments your poison.

Another favourite lies upon the cusp of Duke Street. While Monday nights can become lame with mindless game show television and remedial naps to help you recover from the weekend, the great city of Liverpool offers you an alternative. Sound, Food and Drink offers exactly what’s it says on the tin. Yet, the fresh crop of local young talent regularly hone their craft at the slick venue on Mondays.

You can enjoy a fresh pint of beer while hugging to the pillar from a far or share a pot of various teas and take in the ambience. The acoustics of the bar are outstanding and compliment the performers exceptionally. Sound, Food and Drink provides a perfect location for relaxation.

Away from the bright lights and thumping EDM of concert square is The Kazimier Gardens which is situated on the bottom side of Seel Street. The Kazimier was close to be demolished to make way for property developments. In true rebel style community activists applied pressure and made a petition which consisted of 2.500 signatures which assured its survival.

As a patron of Liverpool you should be ecstatic since the Kazimier boasts a great alternative line-up all year round. The venue is something of gratuitous beauty as well. The Kazmier Gardens provides a place of comfort where the revellers boasts enjoyment and satisfaction within their location.