Love Thy Neighbour sitting pretty on Bold St, Liverpool: review

Posted on 1 December 2016
By Andy Johnson
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Purple Revolver visited the latest addition to the foodie offering atop the indie hill that is Bold Street and found a haven of peace and tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of the start of the Chrimbo shopping.

The decor is a welcoming, warming mix of stripped back wooden minimalism with quirky touches of pink neon and a few potted pink cacti dotted about, topped with a resplendent garden of fauna on the roof.

During our visit, drifting out of the speakers was a smooth mix of laidback grooves and uplifting anthems… Otis Redding, Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay running into Tribe Called Quest’s Can I Kick It – all adding to the melt into your seat and let the world drift by feeling.

We devoured our selection of Cali toast, all served on the wonderful sour dough bread from Wild Loaf bakery, which included in no particular tasty order; baked aubergine with cheery tomatoes, smashed avocado with boiled egg and crispy chorizo with fried egg.

All delicious, these delicate toasted delights leave you wanting more. But we relaxed and supped a fine Americano, served with a pine nut …

If Love Thy Neighbour is the order of the day, then the eclectic crowd the place is pulling in is fitting well into that particular crack commandment.

While snaffling my Cali toast – I was surrounded by – a fashionable new mum with gaggle of doting friends, a bunch of cool slacker style students sipping smoothies, a couple canoodling over coffee and a peculiar modern Scouse phenomenon – two upwardly mobile scalliwags, who had been for a workout and were thus proudly sporting shorts even though it’s Baltic outside.

Love Thy Neighbour also sits pretty as a great people watching spot. With spectacular views of people trudging up and strolling down Bold Street, lost in their own world’s not caring about us caffeine fiends behind the glass staring at them and imagining all kinds of wild and wonderful conceits about their lives.

While I was wondering what the Brexit battling busker – who hails from Hungary, but speaks perfect Polish, carries in his briefcase more food arrived. I’d drifted off and forgot I’d also ordered a peanut butter bagel and coffee. The Cali toast is surprisingly filling, but I managed to polish this second course off.

This new hangout is most definitely a complimentary addition to the Bold St eatery scene and we can’t wait to venture back and try the evening cocktail menu.

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