HUSSS Sandwich Co bring the flavours of South East Asia to Liverpool

Posted on 11 November 2016
By Lauren Evans
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Liverpool food fanatics, look no further as Purple Revolver are proud to announce the unforgettably authentic flavours being served on our Myrtle Street doorstep by the independent company, HUSSS Sandwich Co.

A few steps down the street and the charismatic smells from the heavenly herbs and spices will lead you to the heart of what real food tastes like.

Wirral raised food dedicator, Ste Holmes, 29, spent five months travelling South East Asia after graduating, and his most passionate project yet is how he’s brought the traditional SE Asian food principles to our hometown: Hot, Umami, Sour, Salty and Sweet.

HUSSS family Ste, his girlfriend, Rebecca, and friend, John, serve mouth-watering breakfasts and lunches that make the Liverpool community go crazy for a bite from their menu.

Their popular dishes are clear as regulars request their favourites on a daily basis. The Chicken Kathi Roll is a huge hit. An egg wrap filled to the brim with homemade Kashmiri chicken curry, pickled onions and rewarding red coriander. Along with their chilly cheese dog, jerk chicken and pulled pork, it’s incredible to see the uni students and builders going mad over this stuff.

Greggs and Subway, eat your heart out. 

HUSSS doesn’t discriminate any type of eater. The vegetable homemade falafel wrap and halloumi baba ghanoush wrap are enough to make anyone consider turning veggie.

Even their soul-warming soups heat up any basic British day. 

Since taking part in Camp & Furnace Food Slam Friday, Liverpool Pride and various food markets across the North West, their dreams of owning a restaurant could be possible, although Ste explained:

“We absolutely love Myrtle Street. We serve builders, lecturers, doctors, students and more. We wouldn’t give our pitch up for anything, but we’re not ruling out a restaurant or a van in another city”.

The Liverpoolians say cheers to that!

It’s independent, approachable, and damn right delicious. The menu changes weekly so there’s plenty of choice.

Open Monday – Friday, 8am – 3pm, the food is extremely affordable, ranging from around £2-£4.