Understanding the complex Esports ecosystem

Posted on 14 January 2020
By Pierce King
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The e-sports realm has evolved and grown over the years. If you’ve followed along, you’ll agree that it is bigger and better than ever before. With that being said, you should take a look at the ecosystem associated with e-sports.

It is more complex than you might realize. On top of that, you’ll see that this ecosystem is powered by many different entities and groups. Whether you’re a gamer, fan, or investor, you should take the time to learn as much as possible about the esports ecosystem. Within this guide, you’ll learn more about the system and its contributors.

Numerous Entities Involved

Ultimately, you have to remember that numerous entities are involved in the esports realm. The most obvious are professional gamers. These individuals have spent a lot of money on buying games, gear, and perfecting their skills. Simultaneously, they help the industry generate revenue by attracting fans.

Without gamers, the esports ecosystem would never be effective. Then, you have fans. Fans are responsible for attending events, buying merchandise, and so much more.

The fans play a vital role here and the esports ecosystem would not thrive without its fans. Just remember that the majority of the money comes from elsewhere. It is possible to benefit great from playing games at tangkasnet.


While fans are vital to the esports ecosystem, you cannot ignore the sponsors. Athletes would not receive sufficient pay if sponsors weren’t around. At this point, pay for professional gamers is very low.

Therefore, these individuals have to rely on sponsors and there are many of them. For instance, you can find some energy drink companies that sponsor these gamers. Simultaneously, you will find clothing makers, video developers, and computer accessories makers.

Sponsors help the ecosystem and ensure that professional gamers receive their fair share. Suffice to say, sponsors are essential and the system wouldn’t be effective without them.


Finally, you should know that advertisers play an important role in the esports ecosystem. Advertisers understand that the industry is growing. They know that fans are interested in watching their favorite players around the world.

Advertisers are going to take advantage of this trend. If they’re able to advertise during an e-sports competition, you can guarantee that they’re going to benefit greatly. People will see their advert and this will increase the company’s revenue. Suffice to say, advertisers help the esports ecosystem going.

Without advertisers, there is a good chance that things aren’t going to continue on as normal.


At the end of the day, esports may be simple. Nevertheless, the esports ecosystem is vast and complex. Without the fans and advertisers, this system wouldn’t work.

Thankfully, everyone has come together to help ensure that the industry is able to thrive. Now that you’ve learned more about the esports ecosystem, you can see that you play a vital role in that system. It is vital to remain active so you can help this ecosystem remain active and effective. After all, the entire system would fall apart if the fans disappeared. If you’re a fan of e-sports, you should understand your wealth and use it to your advantage.