UK Gaming Legends Get Together to Celebrate New Retro Stamp Collection

Posted on 23 January 2020
By Pierce King
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This week, a special-edition range of stamps were released by the Royal Mail that celebrate some of the most iconic British games, and many of the people that made them a reality got together to mark the release.

David Darling CBE, now CEO and Founder of smartphone games publisher Kwalee played a part in three of the games featured in the stamp collection, with Sensible Soccer, Dizzy and Micro Machines all being published under his guidance.

The originators of both Dizzy (Philip Oliver) and Sensible Soccer (Jon Hare) were also in attendance, alongside Worms creator Debbie Bestwick MBE, and Troy Horton, who worked on many of the early Tomb Raider games.

The group were brought together at Pocket Gamer Connects London, a conference focusing on a more modern type of game: those downloaded and played on smartphones, where they discussed their experiences creating the nostalgic games and how they’ve seen the industry change.

David Darling CEO and Founder of Kwalee said: “The games that are featured on the stamps and many of the others I’ve been lucky enough to work on will always have a place in my heart.

“It’s amazing for them to be commemorated on these stamps, and to be talking about them at an event that is all about a relatively new wave of gaming: mobile gaming.

The transition from those early days to now has been a big one, but I love that many mobile games are still being created in similar ways to how we created games back then – by small teams often at home making the most of the technology at their disposal.

As a mobile game publisher at Kwalee, we want to be working with many of these developers and in turn, welcoming in a new generation of games that people will also remember fondly in years to come”.

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