The week in gaming: Final Fantasy VII, Rainbow Six Siege and more

Posted on 23 August 2015
By James Brookfield
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Here are some of the main talking points from The Week in Gaming.

Monday 17th August

Unsurprisingly Resident Evil 2: Reborn has been shut down due to Capcom announcing an official remaster. However rather than threaten legal action the company have instead invited InvaderGames to meet with Capcom developers to discuss Resident Evil 2 HD development, though it is uncertain whether the fan team will be brought on as staff or consultants.

At the D23 Expo Sony unveiled a new Star Wars inspired 1TB PS4, featuring an all black design with a Darth Vader imprint. This new console edition includes; a new dualshock controller inspired by the Sith Lord, a physical copy of Star Wars Battlefront and a digital voucher to download four retro Star Wars games: Super Star Wars, Star Wars: Racer Revenge, Jedi Starfighter and Star Wars Bounty Hunter. These four previous Star Wars games will feature “enhanced graphics and trophy support”.

Unchartered: The Nathan Drake Collection will not be a straight remastered port as the game will add two new difficulty settings; Brutal Mode boasting to be more challenging than Crushing Difficulty (which already required completing the game to unlock) and Explorer Mode which will appeal to more casual gamers whom seek easy progression. The collection also includes a Speed Run Mode and Photo Mode.

Tuesday 18th August

Rainbow Six Siege is to be delayed, yet again. The first-person team shooter was due for release 1 December 2015, previously 13 October 2015. Ubisoft stated the decision was not easy and is based on both internal tests as well as received feedback. The closed beta will be available on 24 September 2015 as planned.

Rocksteady announced latest Batman: Arkham Knight DLC pack, due September 2015, will add The Batmobile from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy. The Tumbler Batmobile Pack also includes two tracks inspired by The Dark Knight film. Also 1 September 2015 sees the Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #1 DLC comprising of; six AR challenges for Batman, Nightwing, Robin and Catwoman.

If that isn’t enough, also in September the game will receive the GCPD Lockdown story pack, set after the events of Arkham Knight, wherein players control Nightwing attempting to stop the Penguin from escaping the Gotham City Police Department

Wednesday 19th August

Hipster Whale, developers of Crossy Road, has launched Pac-Man 256 for iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle devices. The game is a new twist on Namco’s classic and inspired by the infamous glitch that may occur when passing the 255th level of the original Pac-Man game. Players control Pac-Man collecting pellets and evading the usual team of Ghosts whilst being chased by the glitch in an endless vertically-scrolling maze. The game also contains a selection of new Power Ups, the first is a laser beam that evaporates any enemies facing Pac Man’s direction.

Thursday 20th August

Street Fighter V beta is now back online. It had previously launched last month but ceased operating due to various problems.

Despite set to receive a generic port and a full remake in the future, Final Fantasy 7 is now available on iOS. This mobile version is a port based on Final Fantasy 7 for PC and no changes or additions have been made to the story, unlike the highly anticipated upcoming remake for consoles. The storage size is roughly 2GB, but over 4GB of free space is required for download.

Although there is no official statement form Telltale Games it seems Back to the Future, the episodic adventure, may launch on PS4 and Xbox One/360. Numerous online retailers have published box art for the 30th Anniversary Edition. The plot is set six months after the events of Back to the Future III.

Friday 21st August

Pokken Tournament will arrive exclusively on WiiU in Spring 2016. Developed in collaboration with Bandai Namco, the game has only been playable in certain Japanese arcades. As the title suggests the game is a fusion of Pokemon and Tekken with beat ‘em up battles taking place inside 3D arenas.