The video game remakes nobody asked for

Posted on 26 May 2021
By Carlton Whitfield
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Gaming Market has been flooding with new and amazing titles but every now and then we see some old titles getting a remake and while many of them do manage to hold on to the reputation of their predecessors, there are plenty that actually need a remake themselves.

We are here with a list of 4 video game remakes that were actually worst than the originals. So, without any further ado, let’s jump right in.

Warcraft 3 Reforged

It’s hard to imagine just how bad Blizzard messed up with their Warcraft 3 Reforged title that they actually had to offer automatic refunds to the players.

Right from the very start of the game, players were faced with a ton of problems, especially since the game lacked a number of essential multiplayer features, hard to navigate UI and graphics that actually set the whole game years back.

Resident Evil 3

I know, it’s not something that you’d hope from one of the biggest horror game franchise in the world but they did mess up, I mean the challenge was obviously huge as Resident Evil 3 was a classic horror game of the early 2000 and surely nobody asked for a remake.


XIII was one of the few titles that I personally liked due to the not so over-the-top visuals and quite simple gameplay that made it stand out than the rest of the FPS games at the time, targeting beginners.

PolyMagic However, decided to take the game to the next level with a remake but unfortunately that didn’t quite work out, as they ended up making it overly basic, while the remake had some issues that the team later apologized for.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon – Rescue Team DX

Pokemon has grown out to be one of the largest gaming franchises in the market and it’s been up around for quite a long, long time. Throughout all these years, we have seen some major hits be it Pokemon GO or Sword and Shield but it can’t be good all the time and with Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, they messed up.

The remake actually took away the meaning of it all, taking the combat system a notch down, even though it wasn’t all bad but I mean, that’s what the game was all about, right?

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