Online Slots: Music-Themed Slots to Get You into the Groove of Winning

Posted on 28 November 2018
By Carlton Whitfield
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Only a few have risen to such acclaim within the music industry that they become further immortalized as online slots. The collective bunch range from Elvis Presley through to Motorhead and into Guns N’ Roses.

The collection of this category is just as diverse as the slots which are inspired by blockbuster movies. Here we look at the Headbangers and booty-shakers which have had their work taken from stage to slot, vinyl to reel and musical notes to cash payouts.

Experience the best bands that have been immortalized as slots within online casinos in Finland

The combination of quality artists being immersed into the world of casino games is a hugely exciting option and though rare in production, when they do come about, they (the slots) are often works of art themselves.

Finnish players looking to find the following games can head to and select any of the casinos which will not only hold the following top 3 online slot machines to jam on but also a selection of live table games and free bonuses to play with.

So we now take a look at the top three games which celebrate great music and greater payouts.
Failing to make the short list but definitely worth playing are online slots for Megadeth, Motorhead, Michael Jackson and even Dolly Parton, that’s no joke!

Looking at the most popular and successful music-themed slots in Finland that you can rock out to

In no particular order:

Kiss by WMS: The big stadium band that comes with a worthy big slot game to suit. This is a game packed with two sets of reels to play with. One a standard 5 reel slot, the other a colossal 12-row grid to win from. Depending on your views of the band – one hit wonders, bad glam rockers or pioneers – you can play the slot with their classic hits playing in the background to heighten the buzz of entertainment this online slot exudes.

Guns N’ Roses by NetEnt: The pivotal rock band which hit commercial success in the mid-80s were bound to have had their slot machine made at some point in time, seeing as the record company owning the rights to the band would do anything for a pretty penny. What transpires from the combination is a very well-made game – startling, in fact. You have the tracks Paradise City, Welcome to the Jungle, Sweet Child o’ Mine and Chinese Democracy and November Rain thrashed out over the gameplay which is packed full of bonus features and free spins.

Hendrix by NetEnt: They simply do not become more ironical than Sir Jimmy. The game is perfectly reflective of his music and psychedelic tendencies. Washed with love and hippy symbolism, the Hendrix slot certainly takes you back to the days of flower power. The track listing includes Little Wings, Purple Haze and Crosstown Traffic. All the right ingredients are packed into this with a staggering jackpot to land.