Flappy Bird – the end of a simple life

Posted on 20 February 2014
By Ashleigh Panther
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Unless you’re going through one of those phases of deleting Facebook and cutting yourself off from online communities, you will definitely be aware of the aggravating game that is Flappy Bird.

By pressing your finger to the screen to make the bird fly in-between pipes, you must try to fly as far as you can, gaining a point for every pipe crossing.

But, if you touch a pipe, it’s game over and you go back to the beginning. Sounds simple right? Wrong. This game is super sensitive and most users struggle to get past one or two pipes.

Most people deleted the game after having to replace their phone since their old one was lodged in a wall, but if you were strong enough to keep the game on your phone, you’re in luck.

Maker of the game Nguyen Ha Dong, who was gaining $50,000 a day in revenue, took the game down after he claimed it was ruining his simple life.

Shortly after, users started to send the maker death threats for taking down the game. Claiming they would kill themselves if the game was not put back online.

With the game in such high demand, brainiacs all over the world started to put their devices with Flappy Bird installed for sale online, leading to a lot of addicted gamers everywhere flocking to Ebay, buying phones with the game installed for ridiculous amounts of money.

Bids are starting at around $500 and with ‘buy now’ amounts going up to $25,000, there is no end to
what these people will go to, to be able to play this game again.

Who knows how long this craze will last and if the prices will continue to rise, but this is just an example of how powerful games can be in such a digital age.