Daft Punk strap up with own brand of Durex Get Lucky condoms

Posted on 10 July 2013
By Maria Sanz
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Daft Punk have teamed up with Durex to produce a condom brand named after their upbeat chart-topper Get Lucky.

Packets emblazoned with their album cover Random Access Memories. Let’s be honest, a condom brand and a song called Get Lucky was always going to prove successful.

A crack team of marketing professionals are primed to begin promoting the condoms. Durex have attended several festivals and distributed free condom packs to top DJs: Seb Fontaine and Dj Diplo.

Seb Fontaine was so grateful when receiving his freebie pack he posted onto his Facebook wall to show his appreciation for the lucky rubber charms.

DJ Diplo even took it one step further and uploaded a photo of an un-opened packet with a note that read “Thank God I had those Daft Punk condoms last night.”

The condom kit are said to be as big as the Get Lucky song.

If JLS’s success is anything to go by, Daft Punk should be expecting an boost to their bank balance, not that they need one with a combined wealth of over £40million.

The Get Lucky condoms are to be going on sale in Europe before they arrive on UK shelves.