Bristol Comic And Zine Fair Bear Pit full of artists

Posted on 5 October 2013
By Amber May
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Uncle Trin, Baby Hunter and I took a trip down memory lane to check out the competition at Bristol’s Comic And Zine Fair at former Cafe Blue – the old fire station, Bridewell Street.

The zine artists/traders were a sedate and friendly bunch, and there wasn’t a hipster, handlebar moustache or sleeve tattoo in sight.

We mingled with the zine artists, bought some gift cards and swapped some uber zines for their hand-crafted zines and mixtape CDs. Thank you!

Jasmine Hortop is a talented artist with beautiful animal sketches on postcards, ideal for birthdays and special occasions for little ones and the young at heart.

We got chatting to Rosie Lea, the feline talent behind Pic ‘N’ Mixtape A4 colour zine and they even took a request for us and played our all-time favourite pop-rap CoLab – Mariah Carey and Ol’ Dirty Bastard Fantasy on the boom-box. Pic ‘N’ Mixtape even made their own mix-tape CDs to go with their zines. Not sure they got permission from Mariah or ODB’s peeps…Excellent dedication to the cause. We salute you.

We swapped an uber zine for Sarahwolf’s (Sarah Fogg and Lily-Rose Beardshaw) Halloween zine What’s The Time, Mrs Woolf? from September/October 2012 – girly but good.

More of Jasmine’s work at and

Maybe Purple Revolver could host a zine fair next year with a KY jelly wrestling match and a photo booth to create your own photo love stories/pornos…holla if you feel me