Biggest Jackpots on Online Casinos You Can Get Today

Posted on 24 August 2017
By Carlton Whitfield
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Many people play a lot of games online, especially now that casino had a quick turn from being land-based to becoming accessible over the web. Many players love the fact that they can bet and win without necessarily living the comforts of their homes.

If you are a great fan of slots, you consider playing the popular Mega Moolah online. The platform is also called as the Millionaire maker. Why? Because it provides many chances of winning in playing the game. However, if you prefer a more serious gambling, there is a list of other considerable casino games online.

You should not worry if you are already tired of slots and prefer a different game. There are still casino games that will give you more chances of winning. Indeed, there is such a game that will turn the odds of winning to your favour.

The games may be intimidating, but you will get the hang of the strategies as long as you are willing to learn. One good example is blackjack. This game has been available for ages. It is also played in a land-based casino. According to experts in the game, it is the easiest to play and will give you a high probability of winning.

The facts provided above show that the game you choose is relevant to your chances of winning. However, it is also important to think about the jackpots you may receive from a casino. If you have not hit a casino jackpot, then you have not felt one of the coolest fulfilments in your life.

Truthfully, there are biggest jackpots available today, which are waiting for you online. As advised by experts, you should opt for the larger prizes than on small ones. This means you have to evaluate the rewards associated with exerting an effort to win a casino game.

To give you good examples of biggest prizes on online casinos, here are the following:
Gladiator’s Slots (€2.5 million). This follows Mega Loolah online as one of the millionaire makers of today. You can find this slot at William Hill. According to some Gladiator is located in the most prestigious casino platform today.

From the name itself, you will already have an idea that it is actually based on the movie Gladiator. Every time you play, you will see scenes obtained from the film.

Moreover, the bonus rounds are designed with Coliseum themes. The biggest jackpot is offered is €2.5 million.
Mega Fortune Mega Jackpot. The name of the online casino will already give you the idea of getting big prizes from its games. The jackpot of the online casino starts with a seed worth €250,000. It may be a small amount for many, but the platform is known for giving millions to its players.

Back in January 2013, it paid as much as €17.8 million. As for the average amount of its jackpot, you can get as much as €4 million.
Roulette Royale. This platform will provide you consecutive wins as well. However, you must remember that its games will be played differently than the slots you got used to. You also have to consider strategies for better wins.

Every time, you just have to play one credit. If you play a single number consecutively for five times and win it all, you may win the whole pot. The consecutive win begins at €60,000. Roulette Royale provides several million as jackpots. Nonetheless, its average prize is worth €670,000, which is already a handsome reward, especially for beginners.

Hall of Gods Mega Jackpot. In order to win the mega jackpot of the online casino, you need play 20 win lines at the maximum. Also, you should also hit three bonus scatter symbols. Afterward, you will be taken to the page where 15 shields can be seen.
When the same amount has been shown thrice, then that is the prize you will get. Playing Hall of Gods had given one winner as much as €7.8 million.

With great prizes in store for you by simply playing online casinos, you will definitely have no issue switching from land-based to web-based gambling. Simply imagine playing conveniently from home using any gadget and winning millions of euros. Take note that even in slots, you can obtain a considerable amount of prizes. You simply have to be patient and try your luck.