A gamer’s guide to Christmas

Posted on 24 December 2015
By James Brookfield
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Gamers are no longer the overt, stereotypical species people once knew. Over the years, these particular people have evolved into many forms, shapes, sizes and ages due to the medium growing in both popularity and culture. As a result taste and style has also changed, again depending on the person.

Therefore, here is a simple guide of what to buy or how to please the gamer you know or the one inside yourself this Christmas.


Noticeably video games have become a larger part of modern society, creating a greater depth within the sub-culture. Resultantly, as with most genres, it has inspired many clothing apparels and styles. There are many websites solely devoted to selling clothes online that focus primarily on video games including; t-shirts, hoodies, jumpers, shirts, dresses, scarves and bags.

In keeping specifically with the festive period, video game culture has impacted onto the novelty Christmas jumper. Granted most are still unattractive but at least they will appeal specifically to a when emblazoned with iconic franchises such as; Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario or Metal Gear Solid.


Similar to most people a gamer enjoys novelty aspects to life and their interests. Items such as; toys, action figures, prints, keyrings, phone/mobile device protective cases, mugs, cups, clocks and watches can demonstrate how much a particular person is a fan of one or more franchises. Even more novel and currently the most popular items are bars of soap designed to accurately resemble classic N64 cartridges.

Available in many games such as; Goldeneye, Donkey Kong, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros or The Legend of Zelda each releases an ‘Energy Citrus’ fragrance and, more importantly, removes any tiresome jokes regarding gamers and their hygiene.

Reading material

One weak aspect of gaming culture is literature. Many believe gamers will only read strategy guides on how to progress through a specific game however there are an abundance of; novels, short stories and poetry. Granted some are not good but the quality of written material, ranging from the history of video games to fictional stories, has improved over the years to create an enjoyable reading experience.


First and foremost Christmas is a time best spent with family and friends. Therefore always ensure a variety of people are able to join in with the gaming fun. Though the focus has shifted more toward online connectivity, as a method of playing with friends, nothing is more enjoyable than being in the same room as numerous. The best way to do so is possess extra controllers for the chosen console.

Furthermore many publishers still realise the enjoyment of offline multiplayer and there are a variety of games, aimed at both the hardcore and casual gamer, for the occasion. Christmas and social gatherings can be a prime example to take pleasure in this.

For those who wish to keep their gaming time as a solitary period, headphones can be purchased. This will result in complete audio privacy and removal from any possible sounds that may cause distraction.

The Games

Certainly gaming related novelty, technology and clothing are good choices but the most important items for gamers are the video games. Many games share similar; themes, plots and even titles so caution must be used in order to minimise confusion, for example Fifa and Pro Evolution Soccer. Obviously the appropriate game for the correct console must be purchases as well as carefully considering those which are suitable for children.

Specific titles will be covered in an upcoming ‘Best Video Games of 2015’. This list will examine twelve games, in detail, and be published on Purple Revolver next week, filling the mundane period between Christmas and New Year.

Until then, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!