Zombie beer made with real brains in tribute to The Walking Dead Season 4

Posted on 25 March 2014
By Ashleigh Panther
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A new zombie beer, inspired by The Walking Dead has been concocted in Philadelphia, tempting fans of the undead to try the brew, made with real brains.

With The Walking Dead season 4 drawing to a close and fans everywhere struggling to deal with the prospect of saying goodbye to the characters and the gruesome head shots once again, Dock Street Brewery Company have come up with a way to numb the pain.

The 7.2 per cent ABV beer is based on a typical american pale stout, although it will be 50 per cent more potent.

It also boasts a rather gruesome twist, as it contains real brains!

Brewed with carefully roasted genuine goats brains, the beer will be named ‘Walker’ in homage to the series and will be made with malted wheat, oats and flaked barley.

As well as cranberries in order to give the beer a red hue, as if it wasn’t creepy enough, it’ll also look like blood.

The Dock Street Brewery are huge fans of The Walking Dead and feel that the goat’s brains will add a slightly savoury taste to the beer.

They released the news on their website, claiming:

“More often than not, monotonous Monday cleaning rituals (labors of love for brewers everywhere) were spent recapping the previous night’s twists, turns, narrow escapes, or untimely goodbyes,” the brewery said on its website, “Dock Street wanted to brew a special tribute to the show.“

Drinking this beer will bring you closer to being a zombie a lot quicker than a standard beer, slurring your words, making you stumble around and basically acting like one of your beloved zombies.

A feeling that’s guaranteed to last into the morning after.

If you want to get your hands on one of these one of a kind drinks, you’ll have to make your way over to Philadelphia on March 30th to join in on their Walking Dead season finale party.