Wu Lyf unleash debut album

Posted on 21 March 2011
By Andrew Backhouse
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Wu Lyf rocked the music industry with the announcement of their long-awaited debut album ‘Go Tell Fire to the Mountain’, due to be unveiled June 13th.

Since the Manchester band began bleeping under our radar, the internet’s been ablaze – but they have chosen to shroud themselves in ambiguity, spoon-feeding the gagging A&Rs with promos as rare as the average dodo.

The announcement dropped recently via an online video from the band.

Despite having chequebooks aquivering, gobs chattering and major labels squabbling between themselves over the past year, they have decided – unsuprisingly – to go it alone on their own Lyf Recordings.

But is this to be the biggest revolution since man discovered fire, or a kamikaze doomed to crash and burn?

Catch the band live this week:

March 22 – Brighton Greenstore
March 23 – Leeds, Nation of Shopkeepers