Wu Chess challenge – GZA takes on Liverpool fans

Posted on 26 April 2011
By Andy Johnson
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Wu Tang legend The GZA challenged the North of England’s finest to a chessboxing bout with a rare treat for the winner, the chance to duel the Iron Mic MC on the 64 squares.

GZA, aka Gary Grice, co-founded the Wu Chess Foundation with his cousin and fellow hip-hop icon The RZA and was keen to shake off a hangover and play the winner of a mini-tournament at Leaf, Bold Street, Liverpool.

Speaking before the gig, The GZA who counts himself as the best player in the Clan said: “I’m at home on the board. But I’m wondering about what happens if some Scally genius turns up and knocks me off my perch.”

The Liquid Swords rapper eyed up his competition during play, and even sat in between the finalists to psyche them out before playing Scouser Greg Evans for the crown.

Greg, fom Mossley Hill, said: “It was a great experience, the GZA was a lovely fella.

“I was a bit tired from playing the semi and then going straight into the match with him.

“It was also a bit intimidating having him there, watching the semi-final. His moves were fast and furious, you can tell he plays a lot.”

Event organiser Pierce King of Purple Revolver said: “GZA was a perfect gentleman and had time for all his fans.

“He really enjoyed the event and was delighted to see so many chess fans turn out. It was great to see him in action.”