Writing tips for students

Posted on 21 July 2017
By Carlton Whitfield
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If you are struggling with writing your essay for the university, we have some great tips to help. Read our advice, improve your skills and surprise your professor and other students.

For any student, writing an essay is the worst nightmare they ever had. Is it really so hard or it’s possible to fight this fear? Of course, it’s only your own decision what to do – to fight or give up, but your fear appears only because of lack of experience and knowledge. That means you are able to change this and improve your writing skills. We have gathered several great tips that will be your knowledge, but the experience part is your own hard work, and that should be based on information you got from our short article.

1. Plan your work

Your teacher in the university gives a writing task and sets a deadline to give you enough time to plan, research and write your essay. But of course, most students don’t care about this, and they usually try to write everything the last night before the deadline. Some students are sure that it’s a right way to do even. Needless to say they usually write a mess and get bad marks. To avoid this, try to plan your work beforehand. Don’t leave everything for the last day because it’s nearly impossible even for a qualified professional to write a great work during the one night. Try to get for about a week for research, two weeks for writing, and a week for proofreading, rewriting your draft and polish your work. Apart from feeling calm that you don’t need to hurry up, you will learn how to be an accurate and punctual person as well as plan your own time wisely.

2. The outline comes before writing

Many students think that making an outline is a sort of excess work, that’s why they always ignore it and start writing without a clear plan in their head. As a result, they may be confused during writing because they have no idea where they should start and how they need to end their essay. That’s why creating an outline is a very important procedure that helps you to write clear and logically. Remember that a good outline is like your mind map that would never let you get lost in your own writing. Thanks to your plan, you will stay focused on your essay’s goals and cover each paragraph of your work as fully as possible. With an outline, you’d never get stuck with your writing, and your finished work will be well-organized and logical, so you will be understood by your readers in a fast and easy way.

3. Start from the middle

Sometimes writers can feel stuck with their work at the very beginning because they have no idea how it’s better to start. Of course, it’s hard to figure out how to make a bright introduction that will grab the readers’ attention when all you have is just a clean sheet of paper. So, just skip the introduction and start to write your essay, you always can come back to the first paragraph later and it will be easier to
write your essay when you already have some paragraphs of your work finished.

4. Avoid plagiarism and use only reliable sources

When you just copy phrases from internet sources of books and use them in a way that they’re your own words, this is plagiarism. Needless to say you wouldn’t be able to get a good mark because it’s a real cheating. Though if you use quotes in your work, then you have rights to copy other’s author words and place it into your work. Keep in your mind that you should cite all sources properly. When you surf the internet or read books for researching your topic, remember that you should use only reliable sources like Wikipedia: https://www.wikipedia.org/, or others you can trust.

5. Proofread your work thoroughly

When your paper is finished, it’s time to proofread it and correct all mistakes. Many students prefer to skip this step, they think reviewing their work is a boring and useless thing. But in reality, it’s a great chance to improve and polish your essay, so don’t neglect this important possibility. Plan your time and don’t rush into correcting errors just after you finished writing. Take a break, at least for several hours or even better for a couple days. With refreshed eyes and clear mind you will be able to find and correct more mistakes than if you’d do the same feeling tired after writing process.

We hope our tips will be useful for improving your writing ability, and your readers will be amazed to read your interesting essays. Just plan your time and work hard, and you will get a great result that worth of your trying! If you are interested to get more interesting and useful tips, find more tips on our website https://10pagepapers.com/. We are always glad to help you improve your writing and make the process interesting and productive.