Wonderbra model Eva Herzigova on how to handle the Cannes red carpet

Posted on 18 May 2012
By Jo Ching
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Eva Herzigova gives her tips on how she handles the flashbulbs of the Croisette.

On being surrounded or attacked on all angles, she said: “In an editorial shoot there is only one picture being taken, and you can control the angle. But on the red carpet, you can’t control anything: there are 360 degrees of photographers.

“So all you can do is walk, walk through, and when they call your name look over and say “Hallo!”, smile, and move on.

She advises to always choose the dress and shoes you feel comfortable in, and said: “A wrong dress, or high heels – they can make it difficult. But it’s about how you feel really. You can be in a sh—- dress and still feel great: you just don’t care and it’s fine.

“It’s really about confidence. Do some meditation just before you get out there: this is it, you can’t change what you look like, you’ve done that hair, that make-up – so just go with it.”

On picking the jewellery first and finding the right dress to complement it, she said: “If you think that you have the worldwide press there, who will instantly send the image around the world, that will make it nerve-wracking. You have to think: ‘I’m just going to see a movie.’

“Normally I turn up, pick a dress at the last minute, and go to Caroline (of Chopard) and we would pick jewellery that would go with the dress. This is the first year that the necklace was the focal point – it’s the Marilyn necklace, made especially. So it was quite a challenge: the look started off from the choice of jewellery.”

When the Wonderbra ad featuring model Eva Hezigova debuted in 1994, it didn’t just make tongues wag–it made cars crash! Male drivers were reportedly so distracted by the ads that they forgot to watch the road, and now that unique claim has helped it snag the top spot as the most iconic billboard of all time.

Here’s looking at you, kid.