Wiley raps about leaving Twitter

Posted on 22 June 2010
By Martin Higgins
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London rapper Wiley has talked about his reasons for leaving Twitter saying the social networking site was causing too much stress and aggravation in his life.

The grime star admitted he was getting into too many arguments and was wasting his energy on trivial, petty feuds with other rappers and fans.

Wiley said, “I came off Twitter cause one day I was arguing with everyone and then I was talking to too many people. What was getting said to me was air; I do war with people so nothing that’s said to me is ever going to shake me up. Nothing.”

He elaborated on the feuds saying, “I talk to Gracious K and bus’ joke, he’s current, and Maxwell D and this one, but they don’t get involved.”

The opinionated rapper directed a dig at all these haters saying, “You’re just upset that your not involved in the proper thing with chipmunk and all of them. Then you’re gonna look at me and say I am not involved when I clearly am. They’re angry cause they can’t get there.”

Wiley who had a number one with Roll Deep [Good Times] also revealed he has a phobia of getting his picture taken after being stabbed in the face while he was still a budding artist.

He said, “I try to avoid the camera. I was stabbed in the face a while back, so I’ve got a phobia. It’s wearing off now though.”

“It was different when it first happened, when I used to wake up and think ‘Jesus Christ I’ve got a massive scar on my face.’ It’s not as bad now but I still feel it shouldn’t be there.”

Wiley has been recording his latest album over the last few weeks in Purple Revolver HQ, Parr St Studios.