Who shot Purple Revolver?

Posted on 21 October 2009
By Andy Johnson
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Dear readers and contributors, please accept our apologies for Purple Revolver going offline yesterday.

This was due to circumstances beyond our control and the failure of the server on which your creative, music and movie news site is hosted.

The really bad news is our techies have discovered that the hard drive has actually ‘blown up’ and we have lost the last 30 days worth of work, stories and pictures.

We hope you can empathise with us and our writing and photographic team about how frustrating this whole episode is and be patient while we work out how best to get the content back online.

Our techies have been locked in the basement of P.Rev Towers and have vowed they will not let it happen again on pain of death.

Who shot P.Rev… answers on a postcard please. If you have enjoyed reading any particular stories or picture galleries from the past month, you can fast-track their replacement by contacting us on bulletin@purplerevolver.com