Who Run the World? Ladies who could take on Glastonbury

Posted on 31 August 2011
By Samantha Maine
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After Beyoncé gave THAT performance at this year’s Glastonbury, it was a shock to realise that she was the first solo female artist to headline the Pyramid stage in 20 years.

Surely the ladies of the 21st century could show U2 a thing or two about a headline set, so we at Purple Revolver decided to compile a list of eligible ladies.

Who run the world? GIRLS!

Missy Elliot

Solidifying herself as rap royalty in the past decade, Missy could bring that touch of awesome attitude to the headlining stage.

Yes, she hasn’t realised anything in a while BUT she has enough hits and sing-a-long numbers to blow the crowd away.

Plus, Jay Z and Beyoncé have already banished the urban genre bashing by the Glasto attendees, so Missy could go on scot-free.

Sing-a-long song: Get Your Freak On


Leslie’s most recent album ‘The Reminder’ was as breath-taking as it was inventive. After Apple snatched her talent to sell some more iPods, everyone started taking notice of this quirky lady.

Her documentary ‘Look at What the Light Did Now,’ showcased her ability to combine her exquisite song writing with such artistic direction to create a live experience you’d never forget.

Sing-a-long song: 1234

Dolly Parton

She’s got her own theme park, so why the hell can’t she take on Glastonbury? Dolly has managed to keep her elegance and class in tow, even with those knockers sitting below her chin.

Country and Western may be low on the list of hip and happening genres, but Dolly might even modernise it up a little and bring on David Guetta for a remix of ‘Jolene.’

Sing-a-long song: 9 to 5.

Tracy Chapman

Ok, ok. So, Tracy may not be exact headlining material but the girl can sure put her own stamp on an acoustic tune or two.

Plus, she barely tours the U.K. so catching a glimpse of her and her eclectic mix of soulful pop tunes would definitely be worthwhile.

Sing-a-long song: Fast Car

Stevie Nicks

Fleetwood who? Stevie shone in what was one of the most sing-a-long groups of the 1970’s but she managed to shake that backing singer vibe and stride out on her own turf.

Women of the 1980’s rejoiced in her badass vocals and awesome pop tunes. You can just imagine the shapes that went down in those clubs to Stevie’s stomping rouse.

Sing-a-long song: Edge of Seventeen

Joni Mitchell

Joni could be described as one of the most heartfelt and influential song writers of our time. Her aching lyrics and beautiful melodies have kept her in endless lists of the world’s greatest musicians.

She may never have been able to top ‘Blue,’ but that doesn’t mean Glasto wouldn’t enjoy a rendition. Inspiring? Yes. Depressing? Nope.

Sing-a-long song: Big Yellow Taxi


Still strutting around like she owns the place, Debbie Harry was the coolest of cats during her 80’s heyday.

With more hits than you can count on your hands, Debbie’s one of the few ladies left that can show feminism doesn’t have to be all about burning bras.

Just imagine the sea of blonde wigs jumping up and down during an hour and a half of badass girl rawk.

Sing-a-long-song: Atomic

With Emily Eavis taking the reins for 2013, we’ll have to wait and see whether she’ll give the ladies some love.