What to get your boyfriend – whatever man type he is

Posted on 13 February 2015
By Tasha Tate
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Boyfriends can be tricky. It’s Valentines Day and it’s not always so clear cut what to get your other half. Some might like the whole love hearts and roses while some may run for hills at the sight of a ‘Your Mine’ teddy bear. What you need is a list of appropriate presents for the appropriate boyfriend.

Well, this is your lucky day. Everything will be easy to find in the City Centre, including wrapping paper and gift bags from Card Factory, before your big date – out or in.

The Romantic

Some guy’s love a little bit of soppy, PDA, unadulterated, heart shaped chocolate love. Which means you might want to get him something that’ll appeal to his heartstrings. Maybe a personalised gift? You can get pretty much anything with a personal message printed on it, from wallets, to frames, to books. You know him best, so you’ll know what the message should say.

The Casual

He’s your boyfriend. But you’re not Facebook ‘official’ and you haven’t had the ‘talk’ of ‘Where is this going?’

Humour. Go for the funny. Be it a book or quirky moustache trimmer. It’s the safe option before you reach the ‘Romantic’ stage.

The Foody

Keep away from the love shaped chocolates. This isn’t your category and you know you’ll end up eating them anyway.

Vouchers are always a good one – they’re not unromantic; they simply say that you want them to get something they’ll want. But maybe get them for a place like their favourite deli as opposed to a department store.

Try and find weird ingredients like chilli sauce which you have to be over eighteen to buy, or funny flavoured chocolates. Anything to get their taste buds watering.

The Animal Lover

No doubt you know their favourite animal. There’s probably a poster of it somewhere in their house.

How about adopting one?

Not as in taking it home with you and raising it from a cub; more like getting a certificate and cute plush in the post as part of an adoption pack. Your boyfriend loves tigers? Congratulations! He is now the adopter of a pride in West Africa. Keeping you safely away from any animal attacks while giving them their favourite feline.

The Sporty One

Urgh. It’s an ongoing battle knowing which teams hate each other. Maybe stay away from anything to do with teams and loyalty. No Everton fan wants a Liverpool scarf and vise versa.

Days out are a pretty sporting idea. Get your guy a chance to kick a football on his home teams pitch or race a formula one car around the track. Maybe finally give him that golfing day with the lads.

The Manly One

The classic man gifts never fail. What do you get him for his birthday? Substitute a birthday card with a valentines one and you’ve got yourself an ideal present.

Beer, tools, DVD’s, gaming accessories, shaving things. All awfully stereotypical but essential.