What every geek wants for Christmas: the chicks list

Posted on 13 December 2015
By Kate Reilly James
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Here at Purple Revolver we like to smile, just like Elf. And with our collection of wide mouthed, toothy grins we also like to spread Christmas cheer and so in an attempt to make gift shopping for your Geek Chic chick a breeze, we’ve compiled this nifty little festive top 5. You’re welcome.

1. It’s a well-known fact that Christmas falls in December which is traditionally wet, cold and windy so how about staying wrapped up indoors in a pair of awesome Dr Who, Tardis slipper boots?

Not only are they seriously cool slippers but they can also double up as quick-dash-to-the-wheelie-bin outdoor shoes when the wrapping paper pile starts to resemble carpet. Available from The Who Shop online, £33.99

2. Continuing on the cold and wet weather theme, if you absolutely have to venture outdoors (surgically removing your new Tardis slippers from your toasty feet) take Lady Rainycorn the HUGE rainbow scarf with you and randomly quote Adventure Time lines with everyone who stops to say how wonderful you look. Scarf from I Want One Of Those, £14.99

3. Snug and warm at home but watched all the good TV and Christmas films? You need the Harry Potter Colouring in book!

While away the hours trying to colour within the lines or run the risk of Professor Snape going nuts over the state of his robe! Colouring Hagrid’s beard will keep you busy until New Year. Available from Waterstones £6.99

4. While you’re in the creative mood how about purchasing your very own super woman art-work to delight and inspire house guests? North West artist and Illustrator, Sophie Green has created a brilliant collection of affordable Giclee prints featuring strong female character like Wonder Woman and X-men’s Storm.

They’re not all goody two-shoes though. If you’re more of a bad-ass then Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn might be more up your street. Available from Sophie Green dot com.

5. We think the best thing about Christmas is socialising, having family and friends around to partake in a little drink and consume way too much party food. But most importantly is capturing it all on your phone to show everyone!

What better gift can there be than a mobile phone projector? Keep your hands free for swigging bucks fizz and simply show your embarrassing videos on this brilliant little contraption instead. Buy yours from I Want One of Those, £19.99

So that’s Christmas all sewn up! Expect lots of compliments on your snazzy scarf and slipper boots ensemble. You look fabulous!