Welcome To Night Vale’s All Hail

Posted on 1 November 2017
By Thalia Ash Gold
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If you see something, say nothing, and drink to forget.

The first words you hear when listening to the first episode of Welcome to Night Vale, a podcast about an eerie town that has been broadcast since 15 th of June, 2012.

The podcast has taken to the stages of the world in live tours, live shows of brand new episodes never heard before with live music from their host musician, Disperition.

Cecil Baldwin, who plays the voice of Night Vale, Cecil Palmer in the top-rated podcast immerses you into the beautiful and intricate town, shrouded in deep mystery.

Fans of Night Vale gathered in the Apollo Victoria in London last Sunday to hear the words of their favourite characters, and see the people who play them. An experience no one will be forgetting any time soon.

Listeners were engaged with the show from start to finish, from praising The Almighty Glow Cloud, chanting in unison with prompts from Cecil, to singing along with the weather, a fan favourite on the show.

There was never a boring moment, the actors were full of energy, talking as if in an actual radio studio, poking jokes at figures like Donald Trump, and even including the polite British laughter, which then turned into compensating British laughter, and finally loud British laughter of the crowd from all over the UK, and even outside of our island.

All Hail was an all-round incredible show, and even after, the fun wasn’t over. After the show Cecil Baldwin, along with other members of the cast such as Symphony Sanders (Tamika Flynn), Kate Jones (Michelle Nguyen) and Desiree Burch (Pamela Winchell) joined the waiting crowds for a signing session, sealing the night with the perfect ending.

The show was loved from start to finish, greeted with full rounds of applaud and laughter, everyone was caught up in the town they had been listening to however long they have been listening to it, as it came to life.

All in all, an incredible experience, and a very recommended performance, Good Night Night Vale!