UK launch sees Cheerz lead the way in mobile photo printing

Posted on 2 October 2015
By Khyle Deen
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Innovative young lifestyle brand Cheerz has made its mark as the European leader in the mobile photo printing market with the launch of its hugely popular app. Bringing retro into modern day, the super-simple Cheerz app for iOS and Android provides a stylish and fully customisable way to print and enjoy the best moments from Instagram, Facebook and our smartphones in an authentic Polaroid format with just a click.

As a whole generation rediscovers the magic of sharing physical photos, Google Vice President Vint Cerf, one of the founding fathers of the internet, also raises the stark warning that digitally stored images and information could be wiped out by tech upgrades and deteriorating files.

It’s therefore become more important than ever to not allow memories to live and die on a hard drive. “If there are images you care about, print them out,” Mr Cerf said.

With just a few clicks, users can select, print and hold their photos in just a few days, all wrapped up in stylish packaging. Not only providing a quality print, personalisation is also super easy, with options to add impressive filters, background colours and text.

Photos can be used to create any product from their ever-growing contemporary range, including the distinguished Cheerz Box, a cute designer box filled with 30 to 45 retro-style Prints, Cheerz Strips reminiscent of a photo booth-fun, and other popular products such as magnets and authentic Polaroid-style Prints.

Always staying on top of their game, Cheerz is constantly adding inventive new products to their range, such as the recent addition of the Big Fat Box, a stylish box holding at least 100 Prints, and Flip Prints, a pack of 24 or 36 double-sided Prints with options to add ready-made designs, text or photos to the reverse side.

To adapt to changing seasons, the Cheerz Box and Magnets also come in a range of designs, with limited Christmas editions available along with adorable illustrated gift tags and packaging.

From fashioning creative displays in the home to collecting memories or simply creating the perfect gift for friends and family, Cheerz presents a stylish way to celebrate and decorate our lives.

“Cheerz is about giving the photo-printing evolution a personality, and to provide userswith the simplest and most intuitive photo-printing service to bring back the joy of printing and keeping your photos that seems to have been lost with the introduction of smartphones. We’re excited to see the rapid growth since launching in the UK, and since opening our local ofce in London, we’ve been able to much more efectively communicate with this market.” – Frans Diels, Country Manager UK