Treat yourself with your Xmas money to a Marvel Groot USB car charger

Posted on 26 December 2016
By Khyle Deen
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So Christmas Day has officially been, you’ve had your food, exchanged gifts, opened some cards, perhaps you didn’t get everything that you wanted, luckily you’ve probably got some Christmas money to spend, and you don’t want to use it on clothes like your nan has suggested!

Here’s a boss gift that you drivers and car owners WILL want to buy, a Marvel Groot USB charger for your car, stick it in your cup holder, plug in your phones and watch Groot dance! At traffic lights like, definitely pay attention to the road, as tempting as a dancing Groot is, do drive responsible eh!

Considering he says the same three words in the same order for the entire film, it was tough to imagine being as upset as us when he altered just 1 of them and sacrificed himself for the rest of the team, it was devastating to say the least… Then the scene during the credits arrived and made it all worth it. Now we can get mini Groot dancing around to music? Yeah we’ll take 20 please mate!

Have your phone charge to the cutest little floral colossus this side of the galaxy. The Marvel Groot USB Car Charger features the little guy in his tiny pot dancing around while he charges your phone or any other compatible device. Groot will stay nice and safe inside your cup holder, so, luckily, he won’t need to make the ultimate sacrifice just so your phone doesn’t die.

Hop in the car, plug your phone in and let it charge through the great tree monster. The Marvel Groot USB car charger features Groot in his little pot dancing around while he powers up your phone or other compatible device. Groot nests nicely in your cup holder so thankfully, he won’t need to make another big sacrifice to keep your device alive.

You can buy the Marvel Groot USB charger through Think Geek here: