Trattoria 51 Liverpool: Fantastic service and excellent food

Posted on 27 May 2017
By Khyle Deen
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Liverpool is a great city, full to the brim of restaurants and bars for brilliant food and drink.

Ensconced nicely on Old Hall Street in the City Centre is Trattoria 51, a fine Italian restaurant that is more than worth multiple visits, upon entering, you’re met with the pleasant staff greeting you who will seat you and make you feel very welcome.

Looking around you’ll find deserts in the window of the bar, very tempting, beautifully displayed. You’ll also find gorgeous artwork of chefs and Italy, it takes you out of Liverpool for a brief period, and sets you in something of a comfy spot in Italy.

As well the great surroundings, the food is really great, ordering from the Express Menu, which is updated regularly, I had the soup of the day, with my dining partner trying the homemade beef meatballs, the soup included macaroni pasta which was a nice touch, it was a really great starter and a nice dish to try on my first visit. The portion size was just right, it was a delicious dish that set the tone for the rest of my dining experience.

For my main course, I tried the chicken, bacon and avocado salad, I’m not usually a salad person honestly, but I went for it and I’ve not had salad like it, everything was fresh and the flavours were really refreshing and complimentary of each other, it just may be the nicest salad I’ve had.

Onto desserts, I had the hazelnut cookie with chocolate syrup and a strawberry on the side, as well as that, we were given a taster of a dessert with blueberries, and a shot of espresso that you add and mix in, it was almost like a creamy gateau flavour, ask for the name to it, it was so nice that I seem to have forgotten it! Definitely all worth a try, the entire Express Menu looked amazing, this isn’t a place that you visit just once!

The staff were very attentive which was really nice to see, the Manager Antonio was very detailed with his recommendations and overall care and attention, having eaten at other Italian restaurants without this care, this was more than appreciated, his passion and dedication to the restaurant shined through and it was great to hear such enthusiasm and care from somebody like him.

It’s clear that it’s all about making the customers feel welcome, comfy and ensuring that their experience is as pleasant as can be, a lot of restaurants can learn a lot from Antonio and Trattoria 51 in general.

Huge thanks to Antonio and all at Trattoria 51 for fantastic service and a brilliant dining experience that won’t be forgotten!