Trailer released for The Walking Dead S2 EP 2: A House Divided.

Posted on 4 March 2014
By Ashleigh Panther
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Telltale have released a trailer for the next addition to the game The Walking Dead, Series 2, Episode 2.

There has been a long wait for the follow up to episode 1, with the only explanation as to why it took so long to be announced being that the team were busy putting together the next episode of the game ‘The Wolf Amongst Us.’ However, fans are still excited and are looking forward to the games release.

The game, named ‘A House Divided’ is the next chapter of Clementines story, a young orphan who finds herself having to survive alone in a zombie apocalypse.

At the end of the last episode, she found herself with group of survivors, and in this episode we are introduced to a mysterious man named Carver who shows an interest in the other members of her group.

This news forces the group out of the house where they were taking shelter and out onto the road… but why? What has Carver done to leave the group to go on the run?

But with some members of the group having shown their distrust in main character Clementine, will they be able to stick together and survive? As the name of the game suggests, this episode promises to be full of action, struggle and tests of loyalty.

The trailer sets up an immediate dislike to the character of Carver, with many Walking Dead fans comparing him to the character of the Governor from the television series. They also feel like the main twist of the game was hinted at in the trailer itself.

The release dates for the game have recently been released with copies coming out for Playstation 3, Mac and Windows on March 4th, Xbox 360 on March 5th and IOS on March 6th.