Top 5 songs to coax out the sun

Posted on 12 August 2010
By Jonny Davis
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With this summer weather being so tumultuous at the moment it seems a bright idea to try any means possible to bring that great burning ball of gas out to play. With that said let’s turn the speakers up and see if we can summon some rays.

Caribou – Sun

Dan Snaith (aka Caribou, formerly Manitoba) knows how to kick out the summer melodies which break through layers and layers of organic instrumentation like the suns rays burning up the clouds below. Latest album Swim is rammed full of sun-soaked hits with Sun being perhaps the most appropriate on this occasion. It’s also highly enjoyable to sing along as there is only one word – SUN.

The Beatles – Here Comes The Sun

Ah The Beatles… ubiquitous, omnipresent forefathers of pop wrote more summer hits than you’ve had sun-sweats and this is a shining example of their simple brilliance. An ear-worm of a song that can’t fail in bringing a smile to your face.

Nick Drake – Saturday Sun

Nick Drake is sorely missed with an achingly small back catalogue but when it is packed with wonderful sunset songs such as this it shows that Drake was about quality not quantity. Saturday Sun is one to lie in a field and cloud-watch to.

Weezer – Island In The Sun

Rivers Cuomo and pals do a damn fine job with succinct and killer guitar pop as proven with this top-down Sunday driving song. Let’s hope an Island In The Sun is what Britain becomes this summer.

Bob Marley – Sun Is Shining

One for many (if not all) occasions, Marley’s unmistakable croon is still as welcoming as ever. Nearly 50 years since its original release and Sun Is Shining has become synonymous with hazy evenings and BBQs the world over. If Bob can’t bring us a hot summer then to be honest we may as well accept our fate and bulk-buy golf umbrellas.

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