Titanfall Respawn Entertainment reveal original idea had no mechs

Posted on 23 January 2014
By James McAllister
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A representative at Respawn Entertainment, the studio responsible for Titanfall, has revealed that their debut title was originally intended to be a completely different game.

Speaking in an interview, Respawn Community Manager Abbie Heppe said: “Well, mechs weren’t even a part of the game at the beginning.”

Since it’s announcement Titanfall has snowballed in popularity and is fast becoming a contender for the top first person shooter title on next gen consoles.

According to Heppe the idea of including titan’s came from prototyping various mechanics and power armour in game.

“We spent a lot of time prototyping and trying to figure out what would be fun. The designers were playing around with power armour, but it was more like a human suit then it was a giant, mechanical 20ft robot. Everything happened organically, but [the newly revealed Titans have] actually been in for quite a while on our end.”

Titanfall is due for a spring release as an Xbox One exclusive, but in an attempt to over shadow the games launch rival publishers Activision have announced the annual Call of Duty Championships in the same month, offering a million dollars in prize money.

The games are set to go head to head this March.