Tips For Maintaining Your Elderly Loved Ones Independent Lifestyle

Posted on 12 November 2016
By Carlton Whitfield
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It can be very heartbreaking to sit around and watch your elderly parents or siblings deteriorate due to mental or physical illnesses. This is especially true, when you sit back and think of the times that they took care of you every time you needed special care. Of course, you can’t completely cure them of their illnesses, but there are plenty of things that you can do to give them more independence. Giving an elderly person more independence might not seem like a big deal, but it really is. Encouraging them to live on their own and complete daily tasks by themselves will give them more gumption to get up and go.

You will essentially be giving them something to look forward to everyday. Below, you will learn about several different ways that you can offer your elderly loved ones a longer independent life.

Home Delivery Of Food Items

If your want to ensure the well being of your loved one’s metal and physical states, you are going to have to ensure that they are eating properly. This means that they are going to need access to fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats, which might entail weekly visits to the grocery store. Driving can be difficult for some elderly people and it might even prove impossible for your elderly loved ones.

Thanks to technological advances there are now other options available. Due to the recent influx of online shopping many grocery stores are now offering online shopping and delivery of groceries. You can simply show you loved ones how to order and purchase their groceries online to make them feel more independent.

Getting The Home Ready For Aging

Since your loved ones are going to continue to reside in their current home, it only makes sense that the home should become a safe haven for them. Put yourself in your loved one’s shoes and think about what hazards might arise while you are in the home. For instance, does the bathroom need some safety rails to assist with getting in and out of tub, or on and off of the toilet? Is there too much clutter in the hallways for an elderly person to effectively travel?

It is also important to consider the neighborhood and their safety. Technology can once again plays a major role in this area. For instance, security systems, and home automation devices can keep your elderly loves ones safe and even make living in their own home easier. These devices can allow them to set important items like the stove, thermostat, and lights on a timer or set schedule.

Acquiring An Emotional Support Animal

If your elderly loved ones suffering from a physical disability or mental illness the assistance of a support animal can go a long way. The dog can help guide them throughout the home, give them emotional support, and even contact authorities in the event of an accident. Remember that if your loved ones are leasing or renting a home the landlord will require an emotional support animal letter written and signed by a trained professional.