TikTok Liverpool’s movers and shakers

Posted on 23 January 2022
By Emma Carter
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Scouse Tik Tok – What is it and who to look out for? Liverpool’s rising stars of today are gaining their popularity through the social media sensation.

The platform’s success escalated at the start of the pandemic, entertaining us all from the safety of our homes.

Thanks to their short-form video content, Liverpool’s local talent has reached the hearts of thousands of people worldwide.

From funny videos to fashion and food reviews, here are our pick of the six top Tik Tok personalities from our region to keep an eye on:

1. Michael Aldag (@michael.aldag)

With over 668,000 followers this musician from the Wirral is well known for his short comedy sketches. His content is both hilarious and relatable, poking fun at everything from politics to dating.

As proof of this, his profile has a whopping 39 million likes that increases with every video.

The 19-year-old released his first single in 2021 and hopes to continue his music career along with social media.

2. Lee Morris (@heavythabro)

This teenager displays his acting talent through comedic scenarios earning himself 657.5k followers.

He mainly jokes about situations at school providing much nostalgia for his audience.

Lee has a lot more to offer than his Tik Tok account as he has recently appeared in drama Time on BBC Three, acting opposite Sean Bean and Stephen Graham.

3. Alberto Palmer (@albertopalmerr)

At age 21, this scouse Tik Tok star has gained over 462,000 followers in just two years. His high energy videos and distinctive laugh keeps his fans entertained.

Alberto has also been a part of creative projects such as his collaboration with JD Sports for Liverpool Pride.

His following doesn’t stop there, as he has 2.45k subscribers on YouTube where he does fashion hauls and travel videos.

4. Emma Matthews (@emmamatthewsxx)

Liverpool John Moores University Student, Emma Matthews, has risen to fame through ‘what I eat in a day’ videos. Her content also includes make-up and fashion hauls that her 364,000 fans love.

She is an inspiring young woman that aims to decrease fatphobia and the stigma around body image.

Also, Emma is the creator with the second highest amount of likes on this list, at a mind-blowing 28.3 million.

5. Tamika Bennett (@tambennettt)

This fashion-focused content creator has 166k and is up and coming on the platform. Her personality shines through her videos and the outfits she creates.

Recently featured in an article on Misguided, she talks about being her own hype woman and raising her self-esteem.

Her account is definitely one to watch as she continues her journey.

6. Jerome Griffin (@thescouseghettogourmet)

Jerome griffin stands out on this list, as his content involves visiting restaurants and cafes around Liverpool. The variety and honesty of his reviews has gained him 40.4k followers.

If you need ideas on where to eat in the city, his Tik Tok account is the place to go.

He always makes sure to show nearby shops or landmarks, so you don’t get lost on your search for a good munch.