TightLADS want you. By Street Lamp Productions

Posted on 27 April 2011
By John Edwards
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Check out TightLADS. What is it? Well it’s not gay porn for starters, so sorry to those who may be disappointed.

No, in fact, it is an internet TV show specialising in lads talk and banter. In its simplest form it’s ITV’s Loose Women for lads but a bit dark and dirtier. A perfect example of the difference between lads and girls, if you will.

It is at times controversial, at times utterly hilarious, but it’s almost always entertaining.

The show consists of three to four panel members each week selected from a group of a dozen or so 20 somethings and occasionally one much older looking bloke who could be one of the lads’ dad. Which, if it were the case, would be a bit embarrassing for all concerned.

The panel members air their thoughts for the (sometimes wonky) cameras over beer poured from a TightLADS branded jug into TightLADS branded cups to give this amateur pursuit that air of professionalism.

But that’s not to take away from the most important aspect of the programme, the conversation, or banter as the lads might call it. Everything from the Richard Keys/Andy Gray/Female linesman controversy to the political situation in the Middle East is on the agenda.

The programme includes regular slots such as Mug of the Week, which features the picture of some celebrity mug on a mug, geddit? As mentioned, there’s a revolving door of panel members but regulars include Tom Hosker whose so popular he has his own YouTube compilation, a status of having made it if nothing else is it not?

Live versions of the show are planned in venues around Liverpool and given the content of their recorded programmes, one can only imagine just how wacky and x-rated the live version might be. So get down there.

The next live show will be at Bar Baa on Hardman Street, Liverpool, on the 25th May. The show will include stand up from the Lads as well as a live episode. To reserve tickets visit www.tightlads.com.

tightLADS has just filmed its first show on location at The Shipping Forecast Ale House in Liverpool. Watch it here…