Them Crooked Vultures Dave Grohl Christmas shopping dash

Posted on 25 December 2009
By Pierce King
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Them Crooked Vultures heroes Dave Grohl and Josh Homme rushed the toy department of Harrods to do some last minute Christmas shopping.

Foo Fighters legend Dave was looking for presents to take home to his family from London and spent half an hour wandering round checking out the toys and singing to fellow shoppers.

Dave then found the ideal gift and hand picked some Wizard Of Oz collectables, including a vintage style tin.

He paired up with Queens Of The Stone Age frontman Josh to trawl the shops around Knightsbridge during their recent UK tour, but the ginger sex god didn’t splash any cash.

One onlooker said: “Dave was in a Christmas world of his own, walking round and singing to other shoppers. He was in a brilliant mood.

“Dave’s hair is so long, you could tell straight away it was him, but all the staff were cool and left him to it.

“He bought some Wizard Of Oz gear and looked pretty chuffed with his haul.”