The Queen lifts pyrotechnic ban for Sir Paul McCartney

Posted on 24 June 2010
By Martin Higgins
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The Queen has flexed her political muscle to allow Knight of The Realm, Sir Paul McCartney to get his own way and use pyrotechnics at Hard Rock Calling.

The Queen gave the former Beatles legend permission to break the ban on pyrotechnics for his mega show this weekend in London’s Hyde Park.

A source close to Macca said, “As Hyde Park is underneath a flight path, pyrotechnics are usually banned from any concerts held there.”

“The Queen herself is the only one who can change that rule, so clearly she’s a Macca fan.”

McCartney had apparently wanted to give a Royal fanfare in the capital, by blowing up a truck load of fireworks during his song Helter Skelter and the Queen has consented to his impressive plans.

The Queen’s Grandson Harry might have had a quiet little word in her ear and influenced the decision, as the wild boy of the Windsor family regularly attends Hard Rock Calling and is apparently a big fan of Sir Paul.