The Custom Cupcake Company Liverpool review – sweet treats on Bold Street

Posted on 26 February 2014
By Anna Thygesen
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At the very top of Bold Street – before hitting the hip cafes with all the hipster hangout hallmarks, sits a friendly and welcoming café, offering a different and saccharine experience – The Custom Cupcake Company.

This is a refreshing sight for sunglass covered eyes, and a haven for anyone with a sweet craving.

Upon entering we are met by an impressive display of baked treats, and friendly staff who have learned all the cupcake descriptions by heart, which is not an easy as pie task.

Just one of them alone sounds like an entire dessert menu.

Our helpful and well versed server told us about the …

”This is a light vanilla sponge filled with a strawberry compote, topped with strawberry and cream frosting, edible glitter and a whole, juicy strawberry.”

Speaking directly to my inner sweet tooth cravings it sounded like ”A light cloud of dreams, filled with a dash of heaven and topped with a juicy nirvana.”

And that is exactly what it tastes like.

Rich, fluffy, juicy indulgence and everything your personal trainer or My Fitness Pal would hate.

The different tastes in each cupcake compliment each other perfectly, and they taste as wonderful as they look.

If you are more a fan of the actual cake part than the frosting, however, these treats might be too much for you. Varying within the flavours, the cake to frosting ratio in general seems to be something close to 40/60.

Even if you do not like cupcakes at all and for some reason should find yourself in this shop anyway, do not despair.

The Custom Cupcake Company also serves massive brownies, a wide range of hot chocolates, their own cupcake flavoured tea and coffee with enough syrup combinations to make a Starbucks barista break a sweat.

And did we mention they have cupcake milkshakes.

The atmosphere in the cafe is as sweet as its treats. Stylistically the interior has American diner elements, mixed well with a bit of shabby chic including wall decals, kitsch cupcake paintings and of course the ubiquitous keep calm poster proclaiming ”Keep calm and have a cupcake.”

There are a few fundamental flaws and sweet teething problems the café is suffering, such as not having a toilet. Although we are told this is under way, but in the mean time it hardly encourages a lengthy visit. The entrance door is also almost always open, which meant several customers had their coats on, which doesn’t look too enticing to passers by.

Due to this, it is not surprising that the most popular trend seems to be buying a cupcake to go enjoy somewhere else.

In the end The Custom Cupcake Company is the perfect place for a luxurious, inexpensive, but ultimately short, indulgence.