The Brink introduces new schedule for family support group

Posted on 19 April 2017
By Khyle Deen
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The Brink has updated the scheduling of its weekly Family Support Group. Now set to take place at the Parr Street venue every Thursday between 12-2pm, the group aims to provide support for those affected by a loved one’s misuse of alcohol and/or drugs.

By offering a safe and positive space, family members will be encouraged to speak openly to share their experiences and gain an insight into the help, education and support that is currently available.

Family Support Group Facilitator Catherine Emberton said: “As Action on Addiction’s flagship social enterprise, The Brink offers a refreshing space to providing continuous support and ground-breaking initiatives to disarm addiction in individuals, families, communities and society.

“Addiction devastates lives and stands as the biggest preventable killer in the UK today. Millions of people are affected including family members and children living with the consequences. Family and friends often feel stigmatised, carry guilt and shame, and feel isolated with nowhere to turn. The strain put on families may become detrimental to their own wellbeing, as often their confidence and self-esteem plummets and they can become highly anxious and chronically depressed.

“With that in mind, the Family Support Group is specifically designed to respond to the needs of families personally affected by the destructive dynamics of a relative’s misuse of drugs or alcohol.

A safe place is created in which family members can speak openly about their experiences and express their feelings. Not only will they come to terms with coping strategies they will discover ways to improve their self-care, reduce stress, learn ways to respond differently to the misuser and re-set the relationship with their loved one.”

As the UK’s first and Liverpool’s only dry-bar, The Brink is a refuge of advice, community and friendship for people at every stage of recovery, whether just starting out or after many years of abstinence. In addition to offering discreet help for people suffering from alcohol and drug addictions, the award-winning venue also promotes wellbeing with its range of nourishing food, healthy drinks and mind, body and soul events, whereby profits are fed directly back to the community.

General Manager of The Brink Carl Bell said: “Here at The Brink, our mission is to provide a safe, stigma-free and supportive environment for all those who come through our doors. While one-to-one counselling and group-support amongst members of the recovery community remains at the forefront of our core services, addiction is something that affects everyone who is involved, which is why we ensure dedicated support to family and loved ones.

“With the support of other people in the same situation and the whole-hearted expert help of specially trained counsellors, the Family Support Group aims to help each member of the group to feel safe, heard, understood and supported in their own right. By joining forces to create a strong unity, the group helps to enable a potentially life-changing experience for all involved.”

The Family Support Group takes place at The Brink every Thursday between 12-2pm.

For more information about The Brink call 0151 703 0582 or visit