The Blues Brothers ‘mission from God’ – blessed by the Vatican

Posted on 20 June 2010
By Pierce King
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Cult movie The Blues Brothers has been declared a ‘Catholic classic’ by the Vatican on the 30th anniversary of its release.

The Blues Brothers describe themselves as ‘on a mission from God’ throughout the film as they round up their old band to play a fund raiser for the nuns who raised them.

Official papal newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano points out Jake and Elwood Blues battled police, a psychotic ex-girlfriend, country and western musicians and neo-Nazis to prevent the closure of the church-run orphanage in which they grew up.

It praises the film as an ‘incredibly shrewd’ work ‘rich with ideas,’ and recalls ‘the unforgettable John Belushi sneer which remains, three decades after the movie’s release, an icon of cinematography.’

Its approval of the 1980 film, starring John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd, is all the more surprising given some of the much-quoted lines from the film, including: “Curtis, I don’t want to listen to no jive-ass preacher talking to me about Heaven and Hell.”

The plot revolves around a chaotic road trip involving spectacular pile-ups and police chases as the brothers try to reform their band and raise enough money to stop the orphanage from closing down.

Editor Gian Maria Vian said: “For them, this Catholic institution is their only family – and they decide to save it at any cost.”

He also remarked that a framed photograph of the young John Paul II hangs appears in one scene.

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