The Beatles in comic book history

Posted on 15 January 2014
By James McAllister
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The Beatles and their enduring charm have conquered every kind of media. From a legendary appearance on the Ed Sullivan show to the cult movies produced by the band throughout their career, the Fab Four’s popularity can be seen everywhere.

But one form that is often over looked is the bands many appearances within the colourful pages of comic books.

Back in the day, The Beatles provided are a strong reference point for comic artists to link to the reader’s world and they have resonated throughout the comic book industry since they burst onto the scene in the 1960s.

Here’s our top three favourite appearances:

Batman #222

Parodying the rumours that Paul McCartney died, the dynamic duo investigate the matter of Saul Cartwright’s death after finding clues buried in Oliver Twists album. A near mint edition of this comic can retail for $800.

Marvel Super Special vol.1 #4 The Beatles Story

The only edition of the Marvel’s Super Special run not to feature a Sci-fi or fantasy story. Marvel legend George Perez worked on the book which can retail up to $50 for a high grade copy.

Futurama comics#25 Robot Robin Hood

Telling the story of how three “deliverers” fell from the sky to liberate the filthy people of Bottingham, it seems like an unusual place for The Beatles to show up. But, Groening briefly fashioned an alien band of beetle looking members to parody the fab four.