Ten skills to gain while youre a student

Posted on 20 July 2017
By Carlton Whitfield
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When you become a student, you start learning something new every day during the classes and after them. There are a lot of things that you learn and gain for obtaining a specific job in the future. However, there are several skills that you can gain while being a student. What are they and why do you really need them? Scroll down to see the answer.

Skills you gain while studying at a college

Time management

You find out the ways to do hundreds of things within a day without the need to postpone anything. You have no time for procrastination or you will finish studying at a college very soon. You know how what resources you can use for improving your skills of writing and so on. Even writing a PhD dissertation is not so complicated if you don’t start it from the very first day of your education. To develop a skill of time management, you will need to start with a few easy tasks during the first few weeks.

You learn to plan your dissertation writing with making the plan for the whole year ahead. If you cope with the task successfully, you will use have a strong skill of time management. Writing a dissertation is a tough task, so planning won’t be perfect for the first time and you should be ready for it. If you fail once and you don’t start over, you will finish your education very soon and you won’t gain this super useful skill.


Only students know how to spend 20 dollars to have a great party. When you become a student, you can have some financial troubles during a few first weeks. You cannot develop a budgeting skill if you ask your parents for help every time you’ve run out of money. Planning the income and the expenses will help any student to gain the skill that will be helpful for many years in the future. It’s the skill to spend less money that you earn. And also to spend as little as possible.

Developing this skill is efficient not only when you face some real problems with the lack of money. If you start calculating how much you can earn and how much you can spend from the first day of your education, you will be able to make great purchases of a car or other expensive things as well. You will learn to make money and value your first income. It’s easier to manage money flows if you don’t take money from your parents.

Being independent

You make plans for every step of your student’s life. You decide what time you should get up and what to eat for breakfast. You choose what clothes to wear and how to do your homework. You learn to solve all your problems alone especially if you are far away from home and from your family. You learn to find people who can help you to overcome the obstacles and you also learn how to help other students with their troubles. You learn that you don’t need anyone to become happy, wealthy and healthy. It’s your life and it’s you who is responsible for everything that happens with you.
Being independent means being responsible for your life. You are responsible for your health, physical and mental state, your wealth and your education. It’s you who make decisions on whether to get good marks or sleep during the classes. Making a choice and taking the responsibility for it is a highly useful skill that you will love even when you’re an old man or woman. A few students fail to become free, so you can feel calm about it.


Doing the same routine every day can kill any interest in what you’re learning. Therefore students find real and unreal ways to motivate them to study during four or even more years. You’re wrong if you think that it’s only the task of the professor to make students motivated. Every single student should develop a self-motivation skill that will let him or her learn new things with ease and interest. It can be a good appearance, a high score for the task or your parents’ appreciation that can make you go ahead.

Of course, this skill will also be useful after graduating from a college. You will use it to go to work every day or do some routine that you don’t really like. Being a student means making yourself do almost unreal things in a short period of time and you usually have no time for considering dozens of variants as you will have in your future life.

Being communicative

When you become a student, you will have to talk a lot with teachers and other students every day. You won’t have a day when you don’t have to say at least a word to someone. Developing a communicative skill can be positive if you are a social person. It will be very easy and fun. However, if you are not social, the need to have talks with people will teach you how to avoid unnecessary conversations and how to put a lot of information into a really short talk.

Being communicative doesn’t mean saying a lot about anything. It means you learn how to ask the right questions to hear what you really need. It also means that you can listen to another person and perceive all the information the right way. You will also use this skill in your everyday life in the future. However, you may even feel sick after graduating as you will lose the amount of communication that you had when you were a student. Being a student means learning a lot of things, so don’t worry if you can’t cope with gaining all the skills from the first day of your education.