Tattoo Artwork – Cheyenne Randal gives famous faces a makeover

Posted on 4 March 2014
By Ashleigh Panther
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Seattle artist Cheyenne Randall has taken pictures of world famous faces and given them heavy tattoos, to create a message about the paths that we choose in life.

Some of the faces that you can see in this gallery include Prince William and Kate, Spock, Marilyn Monroe, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Princess Leia.

He stresses heavily that this is not simply to bring our celebrities into the 21st century, where getting inked up is becoming a lot more accepted across the media and within everyday society, but that it means much more than that.

He says, “It’s an ongoing art project where I take the recognisable icons and transform them into regular people, perhaps if they had taken another path in life or were from a parallel universe.

“It has more meaning to me than just making famous people look tattooed up. I respect the subject more than that.”

There has always been a stigma against tattoos, with those people who choose to ink their skin facing negativity in the work place and being judged on their appearance.

But with tattoos creeping onto the runways with models such as Clara Delevigne and music artists such as Cheryl Cole and Rihanna, it is getting harder to not accept it as a form of body art, instead of shunning it away as an offensive deformity.