Survey Results: What the UK audience thought of Eurovision 2023

Posted on 18 May 2023
By Khyle Deen
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A 1,000 UK participant survey conducted by PartyCasino sheds some insight into how the UK public felt about Eurovision 2023, after the final in Liverpool on 13 May.

The survey looked at various aspects of the contest, such as the current voting system, favourite song and what the public would like to see for Eurovision 2024.

The song contest captivated audiences with a night of incredible performances and memorable songs. As the host nation, the United Kingdom eagerly awaited the results, but the final outcome left many disappointed.

According to the survey, “I wrote a song” by the UK’s Mae Muller came out as one of the favourites from the competition. Mae Muller was also recognized as one of the most talented artists among the finalists. These insights demonstrate the strong support and appreciation for Mae Muller and her performance, despite the results from the final.

When sharing their thoughts on the voting system in the Eurovision Grand Final, 45.20% of participants felt that the current system is working well, 38.70% expressed the need for a simpler voting system. Additionally, the survey revealed that 37.50% of participants preferred only public votes per country, while 27.10% favoured a combination of jury and public votes from participating countries.

In addition, the survey looked into the method of selecting the UK representative for Eurovision. An overwhelming majority of 82.40% preferred a nationally broadcast contest with public votes, while 17.60% favoured a jury that selects the artist and song.

Opinions on the frequency of the contest left the participants divided: Would the Eurovision Song Contest be more exciting if it was held every second year? 41.10% of the participants felt that the contest should not be held every second year. While 31.50% were unsure, and 27.40% were in favour of the contest taking place every second year and believed that it would make the event more exciting.

Regarding the significance of song and performance, the survey highlighted a majority opinion that the performance and show are just as important as the song itself, with 63.70% of respondents endorsing this view. However, 36.30% believed that the contest should focus more on the song and less on the performance.

When it came to the impressions of the Eurovision 2023 winner, Loreen’s performance received mixed reviews. While 51.90% regarded it as a good performance, they had other favourites among the finalists. Only 18.10% deemed it the best performance of the night, while 15.80% expressed a negative opinion and 14.20% described it as a fantastic performance.

Overall, the Eurovision song contest has lit a fire in the UK public and the support was evident in the numbers with this year’s contest being the most watched Grand Final in history.

You can find the rest of the survey results here. here