Standon Calling review – Gods and Monsters in pictures

Posted on 23 August 2011
By Pierce King and Jo Ching
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Standon Calling holds a special place in festival fan’s hearts and from the moment you arrive on the tiny site, hidden from civilisation, the atmosphere in the air is electric.

Gods and Monsters was the dress code and revellers danced around the Standon Lordship grounds in a glorious kaleidoscope of sexy evilness, colourful kitsch and graceful beauty.

It is the vibe at Standon which should take top billing as everyone falls head over heels for the intimate, family feeling.

You can reach everything within five minutes crawl from your tent: the bar, hot showers and all kinds of food – you coudn’t ask for anything more. The food on offer was superb and our good friends at pieminister, were flying the flag for fine, locally sourced gastronomic delights.

Headliners on Friday were New York threesome Battles blew everyone away with their visually stunning live show – with screens showcasing the various vocalists from recent album Gloss Drop.

Saturday’s headliners were returning trip-hop heroes Lamb, who came with a set full of classics for their fervent fans. Now counting the Standon faithful as almost a regular homecoming show.

Singer Lou Rhodes confided she was struggling with a cold through her performance, but it didn’t show as her mellifluous voice soothed the hearts and minds of a captive audience.

But Purple Revolver’s must see artists were Hercules and Love Affair who stole the limelight away from the main stage to the Twisted Licks tent with the new raw energy of their new show stripped back to the intense, beautiful lyrics and the beats which hit you straight in the chest.

We caught up with the Hercules hardcore Andy Butler and Kim Ann Foxman to talk about the future, latest release Blue Songs and 90s influences. Stay tuned for the full interview.

Sunday arrived with a blast of heat during the day as the revellers recovered from their two night hangovers by the lido and enjoyed some laid back literary delights and arts and crafts courtesy of Craft Creative.

Chrome Hoof made the stage their own with an delightfully eccentric set of orchestral disco rock-funk fusion while wearing some very sexy metallic space capes.

But you can also take real pleasure at Standon from finding the acts who are about to breakthrough. The lineup boasts a veritable Who’s Who of critically acclaimed bands from the Shoreditch Hipster media.

Special mention must go to Revere a seven piece band who are making waves in Hoxton with their glorious orchestral and cinematic sound. Watch this space for our interview.

Honourable mentions in dispatches for Howard Marks and John Cooper Clarke who held court with the literary prowess and intoxicating charm of their stream of conscious performances.

Photos by PG Brunelli.
Additional shots by Matthew Growcoot – courtesy of Standon Calling press office