St George’s Day 2014 – top ten dragons – Game of Thrones, Spyro, Smaug

Posted on 23 April 2014
By Emily Farnan
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To celebrate St George’s Day and England in all its glory, we have compiled a list of the top ten dragons of all time.

As far as patron saints go, ours is pretty epic, Saint George, “Slayer of Dragons” – we have to admit – has a nice ring to it.

In fact George is also patron saint of Moscow and Georgia, which goes to show… kill a dragon and you will be become Mr Popular.

But there are some Dragons we don’t want to see dead, these are our most fantastical and favourite dragons and we hope they’re yours too.

10. Mushu:

Mushu is the tiny Chinese dragon in Mulan, and although tiny – he is Mulan’s protector with a big heart and good intentions. Eddy Murphy is the talent behind the voice making Mushu one very funny dragon. After saving the day he is restored to his status of Guardian Spirit.

9. Toothless:

This black, big eyed creature is a night fury (type of dragon in How to train your dragon). Though there are dragons a plenty in this film, at its core is the friendship between Toothless and Hiccup. Toothless has become so popular he’ll be returning in two movie sequels.

8. Draco:

Dragon Heart, Draco is the drake who shared his heart with Bowen, voiced by Sean Connery this portrayal of man’s best flying friend was nominated for an Oscar.

7. Saphira:

Was the main Dragon in Eragon, even though the movie was widely panned, Saphira came out with some brilliant quotes. The movie grossed $25,000,000 at box office and the CGI work is seamless and you can’t deny the beauty and grace of this amazing creature.

“It is our destiny to attempt the impossible, to accomplish great deeds regardless of fear.”

6. Puff the magic dragon:

Everybody knows and loves puff; he is after all one magical dragon just chilling by the sea. Growing up to the tales of this wondrous frolicking dragon you can call him your own childhood friend.

5. Hungarian Horntail:

The dragon in Harry Potter Goblet of Fire stands out as one of the most unforgettable dragon scenes in history, the fire breathing beast instils fear into Harry in this scene, yet instils excitement in the audience.

4. Fin Fang Foom:

Is a dragon from the Marvel universe, not only is he evil, he’s an alien evil dragon from the world of Kakaranathara, or Maklu IV, if you’re having trouble pronouncing that.

He’s faced off with Iron man numerous times and also Mandarin’s Rings of Power come from Fin Fang Foom. Which tells you everything you need to know about how bad-ass he really is.

So as we come into the top three, we take a look at what makes a dragon special? Well we took tips from top trumps and laid out what makes a good dragon, take a look at their credentials;

3. Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion:

The trio of Game of Thrones dragons, they have proved a serious force to reckon with since Season 2 when they learned the command Dracarys, which is High Valyrian word for fire.

The three brother dragons together are as loyal as blood-thirsty beasts can be to their mother Daenerys and they definitely have earnt their place in the top three.

Powers: Flame Breath.
Flight: Yes.
Spell Casting: No
Size: So far 7/10 but sure to grow.

2. Smaug:

“Smaug the terrible” – Bilbo Baggins. Smaug is incredibly smart and evil, a dangerous mix, he is the most terrible fire drake ever written in fictional dragons and hands down beats back any competition, let’s take a look at his CV;

Powers: Fire breath, Scales as impenetrable as iron.
Flight: Yes
Spell Casting: No
Size: 9/10

Now for number One,


Spyro is hands down the greatest dragon of all time with numerous dragon powers, he over comes all obstacles in his way with only the aid of a dragonfly named Sparx, for those non believer’s let’s see why he wins the coveted top spot.

Powers: Fire breath, Ice breath, Electricity breath, Bubble breath, Earth breath.
Flight: Yes
Spell Casting: Yes
Size: 3/10 and remember size isn’t everything.

In a dragon face off Spyro has beaten the bigger guy down time after time, and that’s why for me, he is the greatest dragon of all time.

Disagree? Fight for your dragon’s honour in the comments section below.
Keep the fire breathing language to a minimum.