St George’s Day 2014: Fresh Prince mashup with England’s dragon slaying hero

Posted on 23 April 2014
By Pierce King
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To celebrate England’s patron Saint, Purple Revolver bring you a special Fresh Prince and St George dragon slaying mashup.

Our new scribe Emily Farnan came up with an opening freestyle about how the third century martyr conquered a fearsome fire breathing beast and we encouraged her to flesh it out into a full version which you can watch here.

Taking to the streets of Toxteth, Liverpool and rapping around the Anglican Cathedral the motor-mouthed red head delivers a unique take on the legend of St George.

The rhythmic rhapsody pays tribute to the classic Fresh Prince theme song by Will Smith, but instead of chronicling his move to Bel Air, we are whisked to the ancient lands of Western Silene and the story of England’s patron saint, who legend has it killed the drake and saved the princess.

Here’s Emily’s rap in full:

“Now this is a story all about how,

St George, did slay, did put that dragon down,
Now I’ll take a little moment so just sit right there,
Ill tell you how George slew the beast with ladies underwear.

In western Silene born and raised,
Lived a Dragon and where he spent most of his days,

Chilling out max and relaxing all cool,
Snapping up sheep, scaring people by the pool,
When a couple of guys, who were tryin’ do good,
Sacrifice the princess, give a taste of her blood,

They all drew straws, the prinny wasn’t scared,
She said “Take me to this Dragon I wont back out of this dare”

George whistled for his horse, and when he came near,
The horse was ready for this sesh, yeah he didn’t show fear
If anything you could say this horse was rare,
So onwards he leapt, shouting “go! Over there!”

They pulled up to a beast about seven or eight,
George shouted “Chuck us yer girdle, ill use it as bait”
Threw it at the dragon, then used it as snare,
Then stabbed the poor fellow, and he died right there.”

Shot by Tom Dootson for Bay TV/Purple Revolver

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