Spike Lee – Do The Right Thing: Buggin’ Out – Knicks Vs Nets

Posted on 20 September 2012
By Andy Johnson
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Spike Lee has been synonymous with Basketball culture since the early 1990s…

As Mars Blackmon, he was a central character in the marketing story of NBA legend Michael Jordan. Passing lanky country baller MJ some hip hop street cred and catapulting him into the hearts and minds of an international audience with their series of iconic Nike Air Jordan commercials.

A die-hard New York Knicks fan, if you cut him open, many think he would bleed blue and orange. He has court-side seats to every home game at Madison Square Garden and his favourite pastime is trash talking the opposing players.

So far all good in the hood… but what a plot twist. Jay-Z has bought up the New Jersey Nets and is moving them into a brand new stadium in the pair’s native Brooklyn.
Hard to believe the thought hasn’t crossed Spike’s mind about what colours to wear when walking down Atlantic Avenue come November.

Imagine the conversations between him and Jay, when they bump into each other in the queue at Coney Island’s Nathan’s Hot Dogs…

“Hey Jay, you ain’t returned my calls on the new soundtrack, whassup!?!”

“Yo… Spike! I got 99 problems, but the Knicks ain’t one!”