Sound City’s Hidden Music Histories free course on Liverpool for young people

Posted on 17 January 2023
By Annabel Ostell
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Liverpool is a city rich with musical history, from The Beatles to The Wombats and has inspired musicians all over the world.

With Sound City’s Hidden Music Histories course, now every Saturday you’ll get an opportunity to learn more about this rich cultural heritage with the people behind it.

With 14 weeks of guest speakers, walking tours and an opportunity to broaden your knowledge, this immersive course teaches the younger generation all about the musical culture within the region.

The Hidden Music Histories course is aimed at 16-24 year olds, is completely free, and features a variety of topics to learn about.

There’s something for everyone: talks and tours on the black music scene with Kofi Owusu, Yaw Owusu and Curtis Watt; their specialties ranging from music, poetry, producing, and music directing.

As well as a great opportunity to learn about the LGBTQ+ culture of Liverpool, and of course the Fab Four, with learning events led by the Chair of Beatles Legacy Group and lecturers from the Institute of Popular Music.

There’s no requirements to attend all or any sessions, once you’ve been accepted onto the course. The idea is for you to have fun while expanding your knowledge, in a topic that you’re keen on.

You may also harness your passion for dance and rave, with guest speakers Sonic Yootha and visits to different sites across the city, including 24 Kitchen Street and Quadrant Park.

Or perhaps you’re a budding historian, and could take advantage of attending a talk by Kev McManus, Head of UNESCO City of Music Liverpool.

Or take a stroll down the world famous Mathew Street, exploring record shops and music studios with electro pioneer Andy McCluskey, of Wirral band, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark.

This is a fantastic opportunity for young people to meet with industry professionals, and learn about the artistic and historical city of Liverpool.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Hidden Music Histories course visit: