Songwriting Vs. Writing according to Micah P. Hinson

Posted on 7 July 2010
By Martin Higgins
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Micah P. Hinson has reflected on the difference between songwriting and writing on the eve his new book goes in to press, entitled- You Can Dress Me Up But You Can’t Take Me Out.

He concludes: “There must be a simplicity in songwriting; it has to be simple, you don’t want to give away to much about yourself as you want people to see themselves, like a mirror.”

“With writing it is more spread out. You can see all the pieces a bit easier, as the players, the places, and the actions are all there, or should be there.”

The 27-year-old artist continued: “Of course, there is a bit of room for interpretation on all pieces of proper writing, but with songwriting there is less, there is so much to hide behind, so much you don’t have to say to allow people to fill in the blanks. It makes it personal to them.”

“With the art of proper writing, you have to be a puppet-master, making all your characters have all their oddities an personalities, all the places have to have some sort of character, you have to describe it in a way that people can almost see it, almost smell it, and feel it.”

The song-smith has also released a new album called The Pioneer and Saboteurs and ultimately he wants his songs to be accessible and relate to as a wide an audience as possible saying: “When we listen to songs, we get to see what we want. The songs can be your own wife, your own husband, your own lover, your own friend, your own family, your own God: It’s all yours.”

“But, when it all comes down, that’s really the beauty about attempting to do them both, it gives me more chances to fail.”